Granö Research and Networking Workshop (Tartu, Estonia)

Research and Networking Workshop for doctoral researchers

Theme: From research to products

Open for applications 1.-22.2.2023 > online application service

Dates and location: 17.-21.4.2023, Grano Centre (Villa Tammekann), Tartu, Estonia

Five doctoral researchers from the University of Turku and five from the University of Tartu are selected to attend the workshop. The workshop is suitable especially for the doctoral researchers from the doctoral programmes of Faculty of Science, Faculty of Technology as well as Faculty of Medicine.

The Turku University Foundation will cover the accommodation in Villa Tammekann, breakfast and travelling costs (Turku-Tartu-Turku).

Professor Kalervo Väänänen (UTU) and professor Toivo Maimets (University of Tartu) will be the workshop supervisors.

Realisation: expert introductions, seminars in which each participant introduces his/her own research (20 hours altogether), networking meetings and time to write his/her own study

Learning objectives:

  • doctoral researcher has enhanced skills to work in multidisciplinary and multicultural environment and reflect his/her own research process and ways to cooperate
  • doctoral researcher has enhanced understanding the immaterial rights of his/her own research and potential for commercialisation
  • doctoral researcher has an understanding for starting his/her own business as well as funding opportunities for a start-up company
  • doctoral researcher has established networks with his/her own research area in Tartu / Estonia

A separate certificate is given from the workshop. It is possible to apply for study points according to the doctoral school and faculty processes.