Long term Granö researcher residency grant


A new type of grant enables a longer research period (2 to 12 months) in Tartu (Estonia). Applicants, who already have or are actively establishing cooperation with University of Tartu, have the preference. The apartment is a furnished yard house (65 square meters) of Villa Tammekann. The family can be taken along. The position includes the reception of the guests as well as communication with them during the residence stay. House maintenance tasks are not included in the position, but the observation of the real estate is part of the job description as well as communication with the Turku University Foundation and a Finnish speaking local contact person. The application is free form and it is delivered by e-mail to the address tysaatio@utu.fi. The application must include the research plan during the residency stay, desired time and length of the period, connections to the University of Tartu or plan of the cooperation. Turku-Tartu travel expenses (2-6 times, depending on the duration of the stay) are included.