Research Grant

A research grant may be applied by senior researchers coordinating or planning a project for research group. Research grant can be applied for working (a working grant), purchased services, materials and other expenses. A working grant is awarded for a maximum period of 12 months. The amount of tax-free grant corresponds with the so-called artist grant (monthly sum is announced in the call for applications). The law on the social security of grant recipients requires a pension insurance contract if certain conditions are met (see The grant recipient must be free from other employment and able to concentrate on research.

Researchers starting their post doc career may apply a working grant for themselves 2500 €/month (including the insurance) for 4 to 9 months period.

The working grant in the years 2018-2022
2022: 2039 €/month (insurance included) | 1764 €/month (without insurance
2021: 1972 €/month (insurance included) | 1716 €/month (without insurance)
2020: 1939 €/month (insurance included) | 1690 €/month (without insurance)
2019: 1730 €/month (insurance included) | 1500 €/month (without insurance)
2018: 1700 €/month (insurance included) | 1480 €/month (without insurance)