Spring 2020 Call for Applications

Turku University Foundation announces the spring 2020 Call for Applications for grants (1,1 M€), Granö research residency grants and positions to a Granö research and networking workshop. The grants are available for teachers, researches, doctoral candidates and research groups at the University of Turku. The application deadline is 27 February 2020. All applications are submitted via the online application service. Decisions will be made in the board meeting 29 April.

Grants are awarded for the following purposes:

In addition to grants, Granö Researcher Residency grants and positions to the Granö Research and Networking Workshop “Biological interactions from microbes to ecosystems” (23.-29.8.2020, Tartu, Estonia) are available.

The application must be submitted on Thursday 27 February 2020 at 12 PM at the latest. After the online application service is closed, the abstract acceptance notice may be sent via email to the grant secretary. More information is available in the call for applications and in the online application service.

Inquiries regarding applying and applications are answered by Grant Secretary Marjukka Sillanpää. In technical difficulties and problems, please contact the technical support by email hakemustuki@datalink.fi.

Grant clinics will be organized during the application period. In the grant clinic, the grant secretary will give guidance how to fill in the application.

Grants will be announced and distributed at the Snellman’s Day party in May.