Autumn 2023 call for applications

Turku University Foundation announces the autumn 2023 Call for Applications for grants. The grants are available for doctoral researchers, researchers, teachers, and research groups at the University of Turku. The application deadline is 19 September 2023. Applications are submitted via the online application service. Grants awarded will be published on the Foundation’s website during week 43.

The online application service opens at the beginning of the application period 1 September. The application must be submitted on Tuesday 19 September 2023 at the latest.  More information is available in the online application service.

Inquiries regarding applying and applications are answered by Grant Secretary Marjukka Sillanpää. In technical difficulties and problems, please contact the technical support by email

Grants are awarded for the following purposes:

Long term Granö researcher residency grant (continuous call)

Online application service (open for applications 1.-19.9.)

It is possible to select one to three dedicated funds from which the grant is applied for. All applications are automatically applying the grant from the General Fund. In Autumn 2023 call for applications, grants are available from the following dedicated funds:

Please note! Undergraduate students may only apply from the Timo Soikkanen fund (social sciences) and from the Turku Ekotori Fund (e.g. social sciences).

  • Several research fields
    • Archipelago Sea, entrepreneurship, business law and bird research fund (research of the Archipelago Sea, entrepreneurship, business law and birds)
    • Turku Ekotori Fund (circular economy, behavior of households and research on the social, economical and regional effects of employment promoting work, grants are directed for pro gradu thesis mainly)
  • Humanities, education, social sciences
    • Annikki Koskensalo fund (foreign language, especially German, didactics, related research trips, organizing international symposiums and inviting visitors from abroad in the Faculty of Education)
    • Irma and Benito Casagrande fund (teaching and research of the Italian language and culture and cultural exchange between Finland and Italy, research on the field of education, research on historical buildings with a cultural significance, the history of built environments and art history as well as modes of building and architecture)
    • Keijo Virtanen fund (migration and other processes of interaction, young researchers)
    • Matti Koivurinta fund (urban cultural tradition and archaeology)
    • Pekka Niemi fund (psychology)
    • Tauno Nurmela memorial fund (research and other activities in the Romance philology)
    • Timo Soikkanen fund (for costs, such as research trips, inter-library loans, material costs and other costs, of pro gradu theses in the subject of political science)
    • TS-Yhtymä Oy fund (communication and society in accordance with the aims and values adopted by Turun Sanomat)
    • Tutoris fund (logopedics)
  • Natural sciences, engineering, technology
    • Leena Tähtinen memorial fund (congress and research trips for young researchers on the field of astronomy)
    • Leo Takalo fund (astronomy)
  • Medicine
    • Allan Aho fund for orthopaedics and traumatology (orthopedics, traumatology, bone tumours)
    • Erkki Tammisalo fund (dental diagnostics)
    • John Pelander fund (research on cardiovascular diseases)
    • Juho Lennart Kalliomäki fund (clinical internal medicine)
    • Kosti Hämmärö fund (medicine)
    • Margit Valve fund (cancer research performed on the field of obstetrics)
    • Martta and Uno Pikarla fund (internal medicine, young researchers)
    • Martti and Mikael Ruola fund (medicine)
    • Pekka and Pellervo Halme fund (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes)
    • Nordic surgical cooperation fund (Nordic surgical cooperation)
    • Pro Nursing fund (development of practical nursing work, nursing science research performed by young researchers, nursing science-related congress, research or study trips abroad as well as inviting visiting lecturers and researchers on the field of nursing science)
    • Sakari Orava fund (orthopaedics and traumatology, especially diagnostics, treatment and preventing sport injuries)
    • Sirkka-Liisa Peltonen fund (MS- and other autoimmune diseases as well as children’s blood disorders)
    • Research fund of the faculty of medicine (young researchers)
    • Tuula and Pekka Kruuti fund (medicine)
    • Viktor Emil Heikkilä fund (rheumatic diseases and other autoimmune diseases)