Autumn 2023 grants awarded

The Turku University Foundation has awarded 81 travel grants 69 164 euros in total to researchers and teachers at the University of Turku. In addition, 27 Granö Researcher Residency grants were awarded.

Decisions on the awarded grants will be notified by email to grant recipients during week 44. Negative decisions are not announced.

In addition to the general fund, grants were awarded from the following designated funds:

Annikki Koskensalo Fund, Irma and Benito Casagrande Fund, John Pelander Fund, Keijo Virtanen Fund, Kosti Hämärö Fund, Matti Koivurinta Fund, Pekka and Pellervo Halme Fund, Fund for Nordic Surgery Cooperation, Pro Nursing Fund, Fund for the Archipelago Sea, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Law and Bird Research, Timo Soikkanen Fund, TS-Yhtymä Oy Fund, Research Fund of the Faculty of Medicine, Tuula and Pekka Kruuti Fund.

Turku University Foundation travel grants, autumn 2023 (pdf)
Turku University Foundation Granö researcher residency grants, autumn 2023 (pdf)