Homesite of Vanhalinna






The Lieto Vanhalinna Manor House – The Symbol of the Turku University Foundation’s Donated Assets

On Snellman’s Day in 1956, Mauno and Ester Wanhalinna – cultural figures in Lieto County and friends of the University of Turku – donated a manor on the banks of the Aurajoki in Vanhalinna in Lieto encompassing over 80 hectares of land including an ancient mountain with a castle to the then private University of Turku.

In recent years, the buildings of the manor in Lieto’s Vanhalinna have been fully renovated, a development strategy outlined and the complex integrated into a systematically managed entity, whose income ensures the preservation of the buildings as well as supports the activities and goals stipulated in the deed. The restoration of the manor area for museum, conference, seminar and festive purposes was completed in 2001.

The Vanhalinna Manor House has become a significant venue for holding festivals and other occasions. The activities are directed by the Turku University Foundation’s subsidiary, the Lieto Vanhalinna Foundation, among its aims being the execution of the deed, the management of the museum, the promotion of research on the Vanhalinna, and the support of other activities of the University of Turku at the Vanhalinna. In the activities of the Vanhalinna emphasis is on fulfilling the wishes of the donors of the Turku University Foundation in the preservation of Finnish cultural heritage.